Sketch: ” My thoughts”
It’s fun to see things a little different then most. Haven’t sketched in a while felt good.

The third iPad drawing I have created with “procreate”.

“Gnome” Second IPad sketch.

“Grump” My first iPad drawing

I’m only painting this tonight if they win. They gotta work for it. For now they only get a sketch. “Bruins lapping up honey from the cup”

“Panda” Watercolor on paper. Had to do a midnight painting I had the fever.

By: Brian Edson

Lunch time sketch “100 degrees”. It’s not there yet in Boston but It’s getting there.

Lunch time sketch “lazy panda” catching some shade like I want to be doing on a day like this.

“Moods” watercolor and pen.

“Bucket and brushes” water color & pen and ink sketch.

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