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Cherry blossom – Sketch

Cherry blossom illustration.

Snow Owl

Snow Owl.

Cotton tail rabbit


Cotten tail Rabbit on walnut.

Pushing up daisies

 Simple images are sometimes the best ones. Acrylic on canvas 16”x20”. “Pushing up Daisies”

Panda – Hand made prints

This is a hybrid piece of watercolor, acrylic, pen & ink. I lay down the bamboo with transparent black watercolor first then I start the first layer of the panda stencil which is the gray. After the gray dries (Usually speed up by hairdryer) I put the black stencil on.

Here is what the fist layers look like.

The next step is to ink on the branches and leaves. I finish the piece by putting down the gray again and hand painting white acrylic so that it looks more natural and the white and gray create natural shadows against each other.

Life’s a Bitch Mural

Water Color, Pen & Ink

This is a Cardinal bust from a four part series of New England birds I Illustrated. This is a segment of a larger piece of work. The whole piece is 16 x20” and it is watercolor and ink.


This is a three part stencil I cut out of a panda. Layed down Gray then the black. Then hand painted the white.

“Panda” Watercolor on paper. Had to do a midnight painting I had the fever.

By: Brian Edson

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