Bruins fan art “Sweet Victory”

It’s so sweet I can taste it.

Drippy Bear (Marbled)

Marble bear sculpture

Drippy Bear (Wooden, Hand carved)

Drippy bear wood carving.

Panda (Dont remember painting this one ;)


“Panda” Watercolor on paper. Had to do a midnight painting I had the fever.

By: Brian Edson


This is a three part stencil I cut out of a panda. Layed down Gray then the black. Then hand painted the white.

I painted this sick bear in memory of my sickness for the last two weeks. I’m all types of better now.

“Old Drippy” acrylic on mdf cut out with a scroll saw. My new favorite toy.

“Moods” watercolor and pen.

“Baby Bear” Digital art.

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