Owl Glass

Owl Glass

This is one of a series of 4 New England birds I illustrated. This is a watercolor and ink painting.

Life’s a Bitch Mural


This is going to be a character for a graphic novel I’m going to try to write and illustrate. “The Tinker” he is going to be a mischievous rabbit that makes machines and blows himself up all the time. This piece was done with water color, acrylic, and ink.  

Water Color, Pen & Ink

This is a Cardinal bust from a four part series of New England birds I Illustrated. This is a segment of a larger piece of work. The whole piece is 16 x20” and it is watercolor and ink.

“Barn Owl”

Water Color, Pen & ink


This is a three part stencil I cut out of a panda. Layed down Gray then the black. Then hand painted the white.

Late night sketch. The Monster and the Monk. “The offering”.

I painted this sick bear in memory of my sickness for the last two weeks. I’m all types of better now.

On sale now Sea turtle hoodies. It gets cold under the sea sometimes.

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