April 2011

Second phase of detail for my abominable snowman. Any tips on how to stop the cracking during the drying phase are welcome.

More fun with Crayola Model Magic. This stuff is fun but way too soft. I have some clay im working with next those projects should look a bit better (more detail).

I was watching tv and a commercial for spaghetti sauce came on and I got inspired. I’m bringing back the colander hat.

The Ram” Acrylic on oak wood.

By: Brian Edson

“I didn’t do it” lunch time sketch.

“Baby Bear” Digital art.

Rock hopper penguin. Acrylic on oak.

Japanese day of the dead dragon. First run in AutoDesk

Fun with crayola model magic.

Edson and Vas hybrid sketch from last night. The lazygnome begins.

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